I'm a hopeless romantic... is there anyone who can help this lost soul?

Ie ever been good at the whole approaching guys thing. I mean only when I'm comfortable with them like friends. But usually i get friendzoned. Recently, i seen a really cute guy who I'm to afraid to talk to. I also found out he is friends with my guy friends. So i know his name and that he's a senior. Every time i get near him i run away. Why? I get nervous and that's the only thing i can do. He doesn't talk much so i wouldn't even know what to talk about. He doesn't even know i exist but i reall like him. I feel if i ever get the courage to talk to him I'll go blank. And my friend thinks he already has a girlfriend but she's not really sure. I only have 4 months until he graduates and I'm so lost. I don't really like anyone else at school but him which is weird. But i know nothing about him. Not even if he is willing to date outside his race. My friend gave him a hint that i liked him but it doesn't really help. One because there are a lot of African American on the drill team and two we never had a conversation before. What could or should i Do? Any help would be wonderful. Im not good at dating. Because of my shyness and need to know mentality. Because i know very little I'm afraid. And i don't handle rejection to well. So that's also why I'm to shy I'm afraid of him rejecting me. I'm so lost i can't even think of a good poll for this.


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  • Welcome to my world, except I am a guy which makes everything much worse

    • Lol this really sucks well at least i know I'm not alone on the guys side either 😄

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  • I am the same, don't worry.

    • Good to know I'm not alone :) i was beginning to think i was weird. And over dramatic thank you