I like a girl, but she said that we are not born for each other. Can you help me please?

Hi, I like a girl from school and we chatted from Facebook. At first she didn't accept my friend request but I sent it one more two months later and she did. She likes a guy, who already has a gf. And yesterday she asked do you know someone who can become my boyfriend, an I said: me. Then she said : "Born for each other" and started talking about the other guy: How he didn't become my boyfriend. And I just laughed but I really like her and I also act different on Facebook than in real life. Could I be born for her in real life, like the real me? Not the Facebook one. And also she shares a lot of things with me. She is mad at the guy but I think she still likes him. What can I do to be something more than friends? Please help.


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  • Well, you're under 18 (it says there) you'll find out some girls at that age are like that. Although taking the fact that she might be the same age as you, that means young, YOU might make her change her opinion on the "born for each other" matter because that's not just accurate.
    If you like her, be patient, become close to her and in a matter of time you'll be someone important to her and thus be able to be her boyfriend and if that doesn't work just keep moving forward, you gave it a try, you were close to her, were patient and learned a lesson from it. You still have time for that. Luck.

    • Thanks man, you motivated me :)


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  • But if she's not into you, why would you like to be hurt and just take the left overs of her love, I think that there's plenty of fish so if like she told you you're not meant for her don't force it just move on to next person who's gonna love for who you are


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  • No you're not "born for her".

    Currently you're just a casual friend. I doubt she wants anything more than just being friends because nobody just rattles on and on about someone else and blatantly disrespecting your presence. You basically almost confessed to her and she just ignored it and continued talking about her crush.

    She just wants attention and you are basically it. To be more than friends, you have to actually be friends first.

    • Thanks for the answer :) I will try :)