Does she really love me? What kind of relationship is this?

Okay like first of all I'm always texting her first. I text her a lot of stuff where I'm at what I'm doing. Who I'm with all my problems. But she's always short texting me. Never like tell me her problems or even where she at. And I feel like I'm doing everything because I wanna talk on the phone n she never wants to maybe sometimes. But when we talks she never got nothing to say really I'm the One who be starting the topic. I feel like I showing all my love n she ain't showing shit. What should I do about this? Then when she's around her friends don't even tell me I find out threw Facebook which Is sad. and she rarely even text me around her friend. but when I'm around my friends I do all the time. Advise please thank :)


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  • It sounds like she's not all that interested in you. I suggest you tell her how you feel, and if she likes you, she'll make an effort.

  • Maybe she's just not interested in you. get another woman to treat you right


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