What are good signs you should start a relationship with a girl?

What are some good signs you should start a relationship with a girl? Most of the time it was me trying to "conquer" her" but now it seems a bit immature and I am looking for something different.

Also most of the girls I dated expected me to swipe them off their feet. Is this always true? It's a annoying when I always meet girls that expect me to be their prince charming and swipe them off their feet like they are some princesses.


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  • I think all girls want to be treated like a princess. I treat my daughter like a princess so she should expect the same from a guy she's dating, but we know that's not always the case. If you and the girl communicate well it won't hurt to ask her out. If the two of you have common interest or interest along the same line that's a good sign to ask her out. Get to know her friends because she talks to them all the time, that way you can learn if she ever talks about you and if she does that a sign. Flirt with her a little bit if she flirts back make an advance if she excepts your advance that too can be a sign. There's lots of signs because each girls is different you just have to know how to pick up on them. Get to know the girl and you see the signs yourself.


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  • Just ask her plain and simple


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  • Trust me the opposite to the girl you described in your last question.
    You are seriously kidding yourself trying to justify her as a normal female belive me!
    Good signs are happiness, effection, respect and not the way that girl is being.
    Again she is not normal forget her.