How to find a nice guy. I'm always getting involved with players. How can I tell the good guys from the bad?

I guess the title says it all.


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  • Unfortunately people get caught into patterns quite often, they have a type. Your type appears to be players. So you might want to expand your pool of potential mates to guys you may not have considered before.

    There is no exact science for determining good guys from bad ones. Except that in this case the bad ones are probably also liars. You should be clear from the beginning about what you want from a relationship and make sure their goals line up with yours. If you are consistently ending up with players you might want to try taking things slow in the future because guys that are players often want to quickly 'hit it and quit it' so to speak


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  • Hi. I'm a shy guy with the same problem. I am one of the type who cares for the woman. Ready to open doors, always finding nice things to say about them, for example, asking about their day at work. Complimenting them on appearance, nice clothes, hair style, or if they have lost weight, give encouragement, care and listen to the, love them for the person they are, not a sex object, just show them the love that they deserve. I am trying to find a partner to love and care for. I am on the shy/cute side and don't usually make an approach, because I feel if I ask I'm always expecting to hear the same line " thank you for being so kind, I don't want to build your hopes up, but I have a boyfriend " the times I have been told this, makes me feel I am only qualified for the friend zone. But 2015 will see all that change. Hope you found this enkightning

  • You're asking this question and you're over 35? If you can't find a nice, genuine guy at that age bracket then I doubt you ever will.

    • Harsh but true.

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    • What a stupid answer! If you can't answer her question , just don't.

      Many attractive and nice women attract players because thus type are more confident. Good guys are mostly shy.

    • My point is still a valid one.

  • it's easy , a good guy is someone who cares about you for his whole life not for few months

  • Find a guy that interests you, then go out with the guy exactly opposite of him.


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