Would a disability put you off dating someone?

Just wandering if someone's disability would put you off wanting to date someone. For example I know someone who has 2 artificial legs. Which isn't obvious unless you know. He struggles to find a girlfriend. He is convinced that his disability puts girls off. He tells me of a story that he was seeing this girl which was going well. However as soon as she found out about his legs. She started to ignore him. He says he is cautious about telling them about it at first through fear that they won't even go for a first date if they knew.

Would it put you off?


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  • I wouldn't be put off my someone with a disability. Especially prosthetic limbs. Take his prosthetic to a tattoo shop and get them inked up, buy a new pair and get them with different designs.
    But if a girl starts ignoring a person because of a disability, do they really love him?


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  • Honestly I'm selfish. I wouldn't date someone with a disability not because they have a disability but because I recognise that I am not able to look after someone again. I want normality after looking after a mentally ill alcholic father.


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  • It depends what the disability is. What are its effects? How bad is it? Considering that I may want children at some point in the future, I'd also need to consider whether the disability is heritable or not.

    You're implying that your friend does online dating. Online dating is tough for almost any man, or at least that's what I've observed. Men are successful with women because of the approach, which allows a man to be charming, confident, etc.

    Unfortunately for him, women do like strong men who give them a sense of protection. So, he will have to compensate, by for example being especially funny or especially charming.

    He may perhaps have an easier time with disabled women.

    On the plus side, presumably, his disability isn't heritable and is quite easy to understand and doesn't affect his personality.

  • I wonder the same thing. I have a hearing loss. Girls could be saying one thing, but mean something else.