Why does he need so many girls? I need opinions?

Ok I just started dating this guy and I already feel crazy lol. He just has so many girl friends... girls from other cities... girls writing on his walls etc. He is open about it and doesn't hide things and HE IS super friendly but i mean should i be paranoid?

How does he even know all those girls and why is what I am wondering? Guys?


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  • A person shouldn't necessarily be paranoid if a guy has a lot of female friends. However, you should both probably have a talk about your expectations for the relationship.

    Also, does he have a lot of guy friends too? Maybe he just has a lot of friends in general.

    • He's on a few sports teams so yeah he does have guy friends but I never really see him with them unless they have a game or something... also he has a lot of brothers and male cousins so could that have to do with it too?

  • hmm you can have fun with him. but don't take it to a marriage. that will definitely hurt you. he can never be loyal to you.

  • You shouldn't date a player. Have a serious talk about it.

    • So does it make him a player because he has lots of friends who are girls then?

    • I don't think so, but you said multiple girlfriends

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  • If he's not hiding anything, I don't see what the problem is. They're just friends. :) I could see how it might make you feel kinda insecure or worried because it's a little unusual but I've known a few guys with lots of friends who are girls and it's usually a good thing. That means that they know how to talk to and respect girls. Sounds like a keeper to me. :) Try not to worry and trust him until he gives you a reason not to.

    • I've been with guys who had a lot of girl friends before and it's been fine but this guy he has girl friends at a level I didn't know existed lol. It just makes me wonder you know honestly how does he know girls from different cities?

    • Hmmmmm well yeah I can see your point. Maybe he talks a lot to them on the internet. I'd be cautious but still trust him until he gives you a reason not to unless you have a gut feeling that you just can't shake about it.