How do I break up with him? Should I even break up with him?

So I started dating this guy 3 days ago (I know, way too soon right) and I think I want to break up with him 😅 Before he asked me out I was trying to decide whether or not I actually liked him but then he just asked me out and since I did kind of like him I didn't want to pass this chance up. The thing is a lot of guys ask me out just because they think I'm pretty (my friends say "you get all thee hoes") and we talked a lot before he asked me out and im sure he likes me for more than my looks but I saw a picture that said "there's a difference between wanting someone and doing everything you can to keep them" and I just thought to myself "I bet he wouldn't do anything to keep me". Also he said he doesn't want to meet my family and he told my friend he hates my mom, even though he hasn't met her yet, because she doesn't like gay people (don't judge me, one of my best friends is bi) but I'm seriously close to my family except my dad so that turned me off. And he never seems to care about what im saying, we were texting and I said "yeah I can tell, I also know you don't like my mom" and he just changed the subject! I'm a passionate person and he wouldn't let me say my feelings!! I hate that! But we've only been dating for 3 three days so I have no idea how to break up with him. One more thing, he's never told me I'm pretty, ever. He told some depressed girl on Instagram (after we started dating) that she's the funniest, nicest, prettiest girl ever and he has never told me I'm pretty or beautiful or anything really.

Sorry this was so long but I really need advice

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  • I feel that this is just too many signs that it isn't going to work. You want a bf that calls you pretty and someone to be just as passionate as you. So don't settle! You will find that person. I saw the signs before I started my ex boyfriend the first day we went out and I ignored it because I thought I couldn't find anyone else so I settled and 6 months later of heart break and irritation I somewhat regret it. Please don't be me and DONT settle.

    Peace and love. ❤️


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  • Yeah, he is saying things behind your back. That's not good in a relationship.

  • Well I am always pro for breaking up. I guess it's because I always have super bad luck with the fact that girls I am interested in end up having a boyfriend. I am a little bitter yeah. Okay maybe I am biased so my opinion shouldn't matter as much.


What Girls Said 2

  • Its been 3 days!!! Give it a little longer! And try talking to him in person about the important things

    • I would but we're on winter break right now and since he doesn't want to meet my mom I can't go see him

    • Why can't you see him my parents didn't meet my bf till 6 months and we hung out st his house alone for hours

    • Because I'm still under 18 I can't drive to his house and my mom won't let me be alone with him even though he isn't perverted in the slightest

  • Yeah, you're gorgeous. Find someone who appreciates you.