Can I get a girls advice on if this girl likes me?

So this girl I like who rides my bus and is in my math class. She will fix my hair from the seat behind on the bus and tell me my hair looks good, I let her notice me staring at her in math and then she looks at me then foward then does a hair flip which exposes her entire neck (she has done this a few times), she will start random convos with me and show me things on her phone. I. E she showed me a picture of a guy on her phone and asked me if I'd go gay for him. I took the phone looked and said yes jockingly. There is a lot more stuff I could add but it would make this a book. What exactly does this hair flip mean. is she just trying to play with my emotions, see if I am staring at her, or get my attention. When she does it I just look foward but smile and look at her through my peripheral vision. I want to make a move but am not sure what to do. On another note she has slept on my shoulder on the bus and wrote on me. I guess I could sit next to her on the bus and ask her to tell me about her day? Do you guys think she likes me and if so how could I proceed? Thanks guys!! :)


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  • Yeah it kinda seems like she likes you, she is DEFINITELY dropping hints and I would say tell you to totally ask her out but she could just bf messing with you. I don't really know any girls who mess with guys though so I say ask her out


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  • She likes you.

    Keep doing what you're already doing. Start flirting with her, hug her, hold her hand, maybe even brush her hair behind her ears.

    Come back to this site when you get confused again.


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  • you said the answer yourself, "There is a lot more stuff I could add but it would make this a book."

    What more hints do you need? she's interested in you.


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