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So a guy who I have known for a while had sex. Half way through I had second thoughts and told him to stop. I let him stay at mine. The next morning he wakes up early and wakes me up I didn't get up. He says he will call me. Almost a week later he does not call me. I get angry and text him saying he is a jerk and I guess he has not changed. I get silence. I call him then he says he is in a bad mood he cannot talk and will TRY and call me? You can imagine I am more than angry and hurt by now. The next day still no call I call him he has another excuse. I text him calling him a bastard. Next thing his female friend is calling me from his number. I tell her not to call me and that I don't want to talk to her. She proceeds to call me and text me for the next two hours. I keep telling her to stop texting me. She says no. Then she tells me that he thinks I am pretty but he says I have a nasty attitude. Well you would to if a guy is constantly flaking out on you, is intimate with you then doesn't call then calls you names etc. I get mad by this point and tell her to f off and leave me alone she says no. The next day I am livid that he gave my number to her and has discussed me with her. I give him a piece of my mind. HE BLOCKS MY NUMBER and proceeds to tell me he is putting up nasty things bout me on Facebook. I have no access to his Facebook page. He says that I registered him on gay websites which I did not. so he put stuff about me on the net. His female friend calls me a psycho and says I should go commit suicide? After she has been calling and harassing my life. Now he refuses to meet me or talk to me. Acting like I have done wrong when he has been a real jerk too me? I am so hurt and angry. What can I text him to say so he meets me. I don't want him but I want to talk to him face to face and move on with my life. Please help.


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  • u flaked on him and you do have a nasty attitude and if you put him on gay porn mailing list or some sh*t id be p*ssed to.U SHOULD HAVE ATLEAST JACKED HIM OFF TO FINISH HIM UP You STOLE HIS NUT AND PROABLY GAVE HIM BLUE BALSS LIKE A MO FO.(even if you said srry for stopping f***ing in the middle either he thinks you don't get satisfied when you have sex or he just reallly thinks ur a bitch)u might have just gave him a excuse to stop talikng to you like harrasing him on the phone if you would have let him just sit and think of what happen he might have came back to you but you scared his ass off.how bout this move on and don't talk to him at all forget about him he doesn't sound lke a catch he souns like a cannidate for tool academy 3 or some sh*t.

    but yup just find a new guy who you can have a more healthy relationship.

    also why did you make him stop having sex?and what did you tell him when you stoppes?was he almost done or just getting started cause if he was almost done that's way different?

    • You didn't need to be so rude and I DID NOT put him on any website. I stopped cos he is always nasty to me after we are intimate. I wanted CONSTRUCTIVE advice not mean advice but thanks!

    • Guys make blue balls seem so much worse than they really are. woww I can't imagine what it would be like to stop before I get an orgasm. Oh wait! girls do it all the damn time! get over it and stop being so selfish. he can jack himself off.

    • This is true.. if it were me I would have finished him off, but it's not like he can't jerk off. Guys are so insensitive.. Blah!

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  • Well this (I stopped cos he is always nasty to me after we are intimate.) was never said in ur question first off all and that right there that detail chages the whole story.and honestly you sound like a bitch you kept calling him ant txtxn him names like as you said bastard and you wonder why he blocks ur number.yup he could jack himself off but my point isn't even bout the blue balls even thoug all girls don't get how bad it does hurt my point is you stopped it right well he proably was more insecure on why you stopped it and proably felt like you didn't like him so he moved on.as I can see you can't you still want to meet up with him to basically say stuff youve proably already said and you you really just hate not having the last word or you would just say f*** him ill find a guy who appreciates me.BUT FOR REAL THE SENTENCE IN BRACKETS CHANGES THE WHOLE QIESTION SO IF YOU WANT CONSTRUCTIVE ADVICE AS You PUT IT THEN WELL You NEED TO PUT ALL TEH FACTS OR INFO IN THE QUESTION.because now it does make him look like a reject from tool academy but before that little piece of info you just looked like a woman who was mad she didn't get the last word and pestered him and you wonder why he doesn't want to meet you I meen come on and the way you state all the stuff he said you did it actually looks like you did it I don't know if its the way you wrote it or what but that's the truth

    my advice forget about a guy who dosnt even care and find a man not a boy that can satisfy ur emotional needs cause it sounds like you were just dating a douchebag and what do you care about his female friends talkin sh*t anyway who cares people talk sh*t all day you gotta let sh*t roll of you like water on a rain coat


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  • I don't think talking to him is really going to give you the added closure you need. Obviously there were errors made by both parties here. I don't think it's worth carrying on with this or him anymore. You were hurt, deceived, used and disrespected. I understand why you reacted the way you did. However, he retaliated with involving this other girl. I think you need to the better person and simply walk away. There is nothing more to say, clarify or process at this point because it's moot. Does it really matter who has the last say? I would rather put a period, get rid of the drama and pain and move on. You owe it not only to yourself but your heart. There is a better man out there worthy of you.

    • Thanks. He is a bit of a coward!

    • You will learn through dating who is the "authentic" man and who is a "boy."

  • Maybe you can get to him through her? You can message him on Facebook as long as you know his name.

    Tell him. "Look I'm sorry if you feel like I'm over reacting, this has been a terrible experience for me and I really want to put it to rest. Won't you please talk to me? I promise I'll stay calm and I won't show my ass anymore. I just hate being lied to. If you'll just talk to me I'll leave you alone for good."

    Sending him nasty messages will never get you anywhere. Be nice.. After all he doesn't know that he did anything wrong. Be a big girl.


  • If I was him I would be running! Why would you say/text those things to him and expect a nice reaction? And it says ur over 25 WTF. This is something a 15 year old whould out on here.