Friends twin sister?

Guys Okay so I have a twin brother and the only guys I would be attracted to would be his friends I just wanted to know if a girl is ur friends twin sister does that knock her off the list? Would u still think she is still hot


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  • I would still think she's hot, sure. However, by decree of the bro code, she's of limits if you don't consult the brother first. Fortunately, the bro code also requires the brother say yes.

    • Would u ever tell her that even if ur friend said no. And what if u were too scared to ask ur friend

    • If my friend said no, I would ask why not and do my best to change his mind. But at the end of the day, I'd probably respect his wishes. After all, the friendship we share isn't worth risking over a girl that May or may not work out, anyways.

      And if I was too scared to ask my friend, then I'd definitely be too scared to ask a girl out.


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  • I don't see any problem with it. And not that I would need my friend's permission to date his sister, it could piss off your brother. Some guys see it as "bro code" that you don't date your friend's sister. I could understand if your were like 5 years younger than us, but since your two are twins, you are the same age.

  • Why not i don't care about him.


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