Is this a romantic thing to do? Should I do this?

My friend is a singer in Ireland and he is doing a some concerts in Scotland and England in a few months and I know exactly where he's doing them. He thinks that I am still with my ex-boyfriend. Me and him get on really well. Recently I told him that I am thinking of breaking up with my then boyfriend and then I'll ask him out. When I saw him recently, he told this random guy that I am looking for a man. He then turned to me and asked me, "Aren't you?". We looked each other in the eyes and then I said, "Yeah". He then looked away from me and told the man twice that I already have one. Would it be romantic if I fly over to see him in Scotland or England and ask him out?

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  • I think it will be a nice gesture and see where it goes from there. He probably feels the same way about you and just don't know how to express himself.


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  • Yes it would be romantic, just have a fallback line in case he already has a girl when you get there.

  • It does sound nice

  • Go. Give it a shot!


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