Do you think you'll ever love someone unconditionally? Or do you?

Love like when you look into your eyes you think that you're seeing into the soul of an angel? Love like you'll do anything for that person without thinking twice? Love like you'd rather do just about anything than see that person cry? Love like you think about them 24/7 and how lucky you are to have them? And when you feel their touch, you absolutely melt into them like you belong together? Does this exist?


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  • Yes, I hope I will, and I know I will, one day (hopefully not too late), love a girl unconditionally. Love her mistakes as much as I love her successes. Love her flaws as much as love her strengths. Love her so much that I will think of her as another part of me, a part I could never live without it.
    Sure, it won't be easy to find that girl (maybe I already know), and at first it'll be tough at some points, but when stuff goes wrong, and you love someone, you will do whatever to make things right, no matter what, and those things people say are "sacrifices" shouldn't be called that, because when you love someone, there are no sacrifices.

    I haven't found it yet, but I know it exists, and I know I will find it. And you will too ;)


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  • Yes it exists, my current ex gf left me for her ex, but even still I have unconditional love for her. She meant the world to me, but even after she left I still hold no grudge or hate only love in the end. I thought about her everyday during the rekationship, and even after the break up. I'm moving foward with my life but she will always be my first real love and no one can take that away from me :). But I've been with plenty of girls and she was the only one who I had unconditional love for. So it exists but I think it's not in everyone.

    • Well that fucking sucks! It exists but just for one person out of the couple?

    • @asker That's how unconditional love works.
      You can't say things like "I will love you unconditionally if you love me unconditionally back." That would by definition make the love conditional. Ideally both love each other. But if you truly love someone unconditionally you are not really that concerned if that person loves you back. Because you love because you love, not because you expect to be loved back. Just like you do good because you are good, not because you expect a reward for your goodness.

    • I'm not an expert but I think each person is different. I've dated bombshell blondes and brunettes and only infatuation nothing more. Maybe it comes naturally I feel, my current ex was honestly wasn't on the level of the bombshell type girls that society likes. But she was the most gorgeous woman I've ever got the opportunity to meet and form a special connection with. I wasn't infatuated with her it was sonething more pure, something that my mind and heart both agreed on something about her that was different from the rest. From here I formed my unconditional love for her, and that will never go away.

  • What you describe here is not the essence of love, according to me. Sounds like a mixture of infatuation, desire, lust and attraction. Nothing wrong with those things, but it's not love in itself.

    I think the main reason many have problem with unconditional love is because some tend to entangle their ego, their needs and emotions into love. According to me, unconditional love is not a feeling but rather a state of being. I would describe this state of being as stillness, clarity and freedom. It's when you are "whole" inside and don't really need things from others. You don't crave love from others, you just welcome it. From this state of being many emotions may arise. But the existence of those emotions by themselves is not proof of love.

  • Yes i will I have met the girl of my dreams at college and we stare each other down like no other and we have almost the same interestes but the thing is she has a bf from back home but that doesn't hold me back, until she's single again ill go for it but for the time being im appreciating her for the girl she is by trying to get to know her better

    • That's so sweet. If a guy liked me THAT much I would totally NEED to know about it... Boyfriend or no boyfriend. That's amazing that you're going to wait for her. So so sweet.

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    • I wish you all the luck, as I too have been down this path. My insight would be that one guy who is trying to make a friendship first (which you are already doing that's perfect) before you want a relationship. Since she is taken you are gambling on waiting for something that may or may not happen. That's fine by me, I've done it, and it works. If her and her bf do break up one day from natural causes meaning not by you getting in the way. I say wait for her to heal for a little bit but still be her best friend then when the healing is done you two should have a strong relationship, due to starting out as friends working your way up the ladder. I hope your vision comes true and that you will both be happy with eachother. Just have to be patient and trust me it pays off. Best of luck my friend!!!

    • Guys thank you so much, I really appreciate it!!! @Nolan93 im taking your advice to heart man thanks so much for your insight, glad to hear someone that went through a similar thing. i am willing to be patient and I won't fail you brotha!

  • @linkywinky unconditionally <3

  • Yes I do think I'll be able to.

  • Hulk would smash worlds for Betty Ross.

  • I think I could but I don't think I'd marry. Marriage to me, is a piece of paper


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