Guys: If a chick sent a sexy picture (not naked; like a bikini photo) give the wrong impression of maybe gf material?

If a chick sent a sexy picture (not naked; like a bikini photo) if you asked what she was up to and she saw sending it would be easier instead on a long winded text, would that give you the wrong impression of her as maybe not gf material?


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  • 1. if she sent me a pic that way or even an erotic one then she'd be MORE gf material to me
    2. To each his own and how they think
    3. Just a pic or a way of behavior isn't about or good enough to judging a person

    • Thank you, young lady for your kind gesture of selecting my opinion the MH :-)


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  • It would to me personally. But I prefer very modest girls and only think pictures like that should be sent if I am dating and very close with the girl.
    But that's the weird thing with bikinis. If you are out swimming wearing a bikini, it seems normal. If you are taking a revealing picture like with your shirt off and bra on or something, it's more provocative... even though it's not any more revealing than a bikini... Let's ignore the bikini part of it for now. :P
    If it's a provocative picture, it makes me think differently of her. Not judging her or anything, it just makes me wonder where they stand on values, like modesty and physical intimacy.
    It might make some guys rethink things, but I'm sure most guys would enjoy it.
    It really just depends on the guy.

    • It was just a bikini photo to show him what I was wearing on NYE at a hot tube party in 29° weather. I was really trying my hardest not to send anything like that to him.. To make sure I didn't mess things up.

  • "I'm at the beach" I didn't make it very long winded, lol
    I would think I'm not the only one to get bikini pics. I'd like it, but I'd be intimidated because I would think there was competition and I don't do well with competition.

  • It would be a turn off for me. If a girl is pretty, I'm already going to know it without needing a bikini photo. When girls I'm getting to know try too hard to showcase their physical traits, it makes me think they're trying to keep my attention away from more important areas which they lack in.

  • You're worried any type of potential "whore-ishness" will make you more of a sex object than a girlfriend. Whether or not he would think that depends on the guy, some embrace it, some don't.

  • I don't know. I wouldn't say either way if she was girlfriend material or not just by the bikini photo send.

  • Things that can make a guy decide that you're not "girlfriend material".

    1. Being promiscuous - meaning casual sex, outside of relationships.
    2. A history of cheating.
    3. Lots of partying.
    4. Overtly flirting with lots of guys.
    5. Overtly sexual talk/text/photos before you're "dating".

    These things tell a guy that you are not ready, willing or able to be someone's girlfriend. That you're more interested in playing the field and having fun than you are in being in a relationship.


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  • That's pretty odd to me. I don't know. I know if a guy asked me for a bikini pic and we weren't even dating yet, I wouldn't consider him bf material.

  • That's like an invitation out of the friend zone?