Why did she suddenly stop texting me? What to do?

Couple of days I went on a date with a girl. We went out to a bar for a couple of drinks and I believe the date went well (we had good conversation and we we're flirting...).

After the date she sent me a text message that she enjoyed herself and the next day we were texting as well. However, yesterday I asked her what she was up to and she didn't text me back... (I know she has read my message).

Has she lost interest or is she testing me out? If she has no interest, why is it so hard to let me know, instead of suddenly stop texting back?

Should I sent her another text message and ask whether everything is OK and why she doenst respond? Or would this come off as to 'needy'?


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  • She could have an ex she is still interested in, went on a date just to go on one. She could be testing you. In either case, don't text back at least not yet, not for fear of coming off needy but girls like the chase too. lol. If you come off tooooo desperate for her attention, or liking her more than she likes you she may be even more tempted to put you on the back burner. or maybe the date wasn't as great for her as it was on your end? There's a plethora of reasons here. Especially if you know she got your message... and read it.

    • yeah, but whats the point of not responding? Off course it could be that she's not that interested, but a simple text message in where she's saying she's not interested would be appropriate, because we've been on a date together...

    • She may not know to what level she is interested yet, if at all. I would give it time, a week, then text her once more; a casual text. don't even act like you care she didn't respond. If she doesn't respond to that you definitely have your answer! I can't say exactly why she wouldn't just say she's just not that interested but it seems a lot of people these days have issues with being direct...


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  • How do u know she has read it? No don't send another message! Just chill if she answers u great, if not... next!

    • In knwo beacause of the two blue check marks in whatsapp and she's been online recently...

  • Don't text anything. Wait and see. If she is interested she will answer your last text.


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  • Wait a few days and text as if nothing ever happened. If you get no response, then you'll have your answer. Don't bring up her not responding.

    • Wow didn't see this before I posted a whole paragraph, THIS^.

  • Maybe her phone broke. Another reason why texting sucks.

    • Thats not the case, I know that she's been online recently and I know she has seen my message...

    • Then perhaps she's ignoring you. I hate playing these silly games, there's so pointless.

      Either you want to fuck and talk or you don't. Not that I have to move that fast, but that's basically the core of every relationship.