Why would a girl be mean to you?

I am talking in the 19-23 year old group. Why would a girl be mean to you like stare badly at you when she sees you.

I had some mutual friends and only talked 2 times with her. I wished her happy birth day once on Facebook and then another time talked with her. Initially she seemed interested but she quit eventually replying to my messages.

So I forgot about her. Next she unfriends me on Facebook and since then she has that attitude. Maybe she is upset because she fought I liked her and she tried to play a game with me but when I blow her off by ignoring her she gets upset?


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  • People don't need reasons.


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  • What does it matter, she has attitude issues and you shouldn't even bother going there. Move on.

  • Is this a question or an explaination or a summary!

    Cz its not any...

    By reading this you probably hate me... thats wht she felt!

  • She wasn't interested

    • Yes, I left her alone the first time. But since then I haven't made a move on her. I mind my own business and I see someone acting weird near me and when I look it's her. It freaks me out seeing her behave like that. How should I feel if she stalks me?

      She is friends with some people I know and I scared of her saying bad things about me and crap like that.