Ex gf left me. Help?

Will she ever come back she says there is no chance that she won't ever forgive me. She is hard headed. I am willing to do anything to get her back and to improve myself also. She is my life and I will not give up on her even though she tells me to. We were together for four years and she says she hasn't been happy in a while but I know she wasn't that unhappy because I could see it in her when we had a lot of good days and times. No matter what I won't let her go I love her to much to give up her. She says she loves me still and cares about me but isn't in love with me. Is it possible to get her back even though she says there is no chance at all but still wants to be friends? What if she finds somebody else :(


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  • To be honest I don't know how I can help. I would say you have two choices. Once is waiting and one is move on. How long you have to wait for her? and How fast you can move on? If you want to get her back. You have to know why she doesn't in love and why she wasn't happy? That you have to ask her. Choice is yours. Her choice is her choice. Give her sometime then try to impress her. Good luck!

    • I know why she wasn't happy and I know I can fix it. But she says she loved me so much but yet tells me she doesn't want it to work now and I can't move on I live her to much to not fight for her IDC how long it takes. But she wants to be friends I just can't see her be with someone else right in front of me knowing it was supposed to be me. I don't know what to do she is my everything

    • If I were you. I would wish her happiness with or without me. I would be happy to see her happy and smile. Because I love her. If I can keep her with me but she doesn't happy. I think I didn't love her but myself. I love to make me happy to keep torture her in my happiness. This is the way I think.

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  • "Will she ever come back she says there is no chance that she won't ever forgive me.", no. Well, that solves that!