The guy I liked said he's not boyfriend material?

so I've liked this guy for along time and he kinda shy and im shy as well and we go to the movies and hang out a lot and it just feels right if we was to date but i had asked him why doesn't he date and he said he's not boyfriend material. but i feel that he perfect for me? should i make a first move but then how?


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  • He isn't interested in dating you. Boys will use a range of excuses but the fact is, he doesn't want to date you.

    • but he never had a girlfriend thats the thing and he's always putting his self down and shit

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    • i never said anything about me asking to date him? i just asked him why doesn't he date in general not just me !

    • Then all you can do is ask him out.


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  • I wonder what he exactly meant by not being boyfriend material. I think that if he said that he either doesn't want a girlfriend now or he's scared of starting a relationship. Don't make the first move now, wait a little, try to find out his reasons first or you may scare him. You can ask him why he thinks he's not boyfriend material occasionally, when the opportunity presents. Depending of what he answer, you can try to dissuade him

    • thanks lol its just weird because he told his best friend and his best friend came up to me and asked if i liked him but i didn't answer lol

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  • He's probably husband material lmao