How often do guys rush into wanting to make plans and see you and take over your life?

I feel overwhelmed by every guy I've had interested in me.

I am in a place where I do not want a relationship. I don't want anything. So I may be unappreciative of this.

I've only ever been in one long term relationship. I've always been pursued but not single until recent years.

Does this happen often? Is it me (I mean I have a hard time believing im that amazing... Though I've never had trouble attracting a man) or is it them? Perhaps just clingy guys?

Which is it? I have not known any other kind of guy since being single these past couple years

It's nice they want to get together again right away but I need time to decompress... I can't just make plans the next week. Then I feel if I don't that we won't be friends or anything anymore. Maybe it doesn't matter


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  • Sounds like bad luck, I'm personally very careful over shit like that. You wanna be there and be enthusiastic but let that person live their life. Support them if needs be, don't control them.


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  • Perhaps you attract clingy guys... What is your personality? Are you looking for guys that want to save you or you want to save? Not being funny, just asking...

  • Even if I was to (God forbid) get into a relationship
    I wouldn't take over her life, I'd share my life with her but not over rule it. Her life is hers and mine is mine but I'm willing to share


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  • Hi! you're not ready for a relationship. And usually, if a guy hits on you and you push him away, well it's like tango, they often tend to want to move even closer. It's actually a technique some girls use to get a guy (the "I don't want a relationship leave me alone please" card). But really, I wonder if you are still hurting from your past relationship and are actually afraid to simply see what's out there? You don't need to jump into a relationship, and if the guy is clingy, just tell him nicely to back off. If there's super clingy, say you want to have 6 babies and can't wait to get married. That should do the trick. Good luck!