A guy used to like him and I like him now but now he is currently talking to a friend what can I do to get him back?

About two months ago a guy liked me and i didn't like him back , but now i am starting to like him and i want him back but he is starting to talk to another girl who is in the same softball team with me , what can i do to make him like me back? orlike how can i flirt with him but not make it to obvious he's very flirty :(


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  • There isn't much you can do now, this other girl has his eye. You can only hope they don't work out and then make your move.

    • ouch thats hurt full... but i was thinking that im his best friend so im the other girl close to him aside from that girl

    • Well... i am not trying to be hurtful, i am just saying you kind of missed your chance. The only other option is nuclear where you just go for it and say "I WAS WRONG! I LIKE YOU!" and see what happens...


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  • Like me,,, leave him...


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  • You snooze you loose.
    He moved on, sorry, sucks, but it happens. Don't worry about it.
    It might even just be because he's into her now, it happens a lot. Soon as a guy stops liking you, you like him, then when he comes back, you don't see why you liked him anymore.

    All you can do is wait it out or find somebody else to like.