I really like this girl, need advice?

I Really like this girl in school, we talk every day, she always smiles and faces me. I want to ask for her number so we can talk more. However, I did something a little creepy- I liked one of her instagram posts from like 20 weeks ago. Any advice about this?


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  • Lol it's not weird to like someone to like someone picture from 20 weeks on there it's fine stop over thinking it just when you get back from break you sit beside her and don't make it serious but just ask "do you have a phone?" And if she says yeah then all you do is say "can I have you number?"and usually if she's a nice person she'll say yes

    • Its just I talked to my friends and they think its creepy. I didn't really think it was a big deal, but now I'm wondering.

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    • I'm sure she is.. I hope it works out and I hope she feels the same.. you seem like a pretty nice guy just don't let her break your heart I had that happen to me before and it didn't feel really good aha but yeah.. good luck

    • Thanks for the advice!

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  • She knows your friends and liking a picture is okay. If you like about ten, then it's creepy. My favorite trick is your talking and the by bell has rung, after she's turn her back call her and ask for her number. If she ask why just say you just wanted it and shrug. It'll work if you just play it cool.


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  • If you do like her make a move. Her saying no is bad but never knowing is worse.