Does it really matter? Body conscious?

I have 101 stretch marks all over my body and Im very self conscious about them. I've only done anything sexually in the dark and avoided certain activists going down in the day time. Also I occasionally get razor bumps, I've tried everything but my skin is so sensitive.. obviously I would avoid contact during these times.. I have skin discolouration in certain places too, which bugs the hell out of me...

My question is.. Do guys notice these things?


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  • Honestly most guys don't care and if he does then ditch him, but if its for your confidence I would totally recommend bio-oil. I had really bad stretch marks and I saw a difference within 3 days, its also said to help even skin tones. It is expensive but if it matters that much then its sooo worth it :)


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  • why do you want to know?

  • Sure we notice them, we don't necessarily care that much about them.


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  • If you define an attractive guy by his knowledge and not his looks, then someone is more than willing to do the same for you.

    My boyfriend has stretch marks, but it doesn't bother me a bit. What am I to do about them? I would never dump him just because of that. I don't think it makes him look ugly either.

    I have freckles all over my body and used to be self conscious about how big my forehead was and how manly my feet look, but my boyfriend doesn't care about any of those things.
    It's never nearly as bad as you think it is.

    Not many guys who care about you will care about your stretch marks.

    If you have sensitive skin, extra virgin coconut oil is good for stretch marks and your skin. I makes your hair look amazing too! It's good for just about everything nowadays.