WTF? Would you be upset too?

So the guy that I've liked for about a month, asked me out today. I was so happy, on the way back (I was walking back) I texted my best friend that he asked me out. She, then messaged me back an hour later saying "Ben's going to message you soon and you need to listen to what he's going to say" (Ben is my EX BOYFRIEND) I said WTF are you talking about? and she said "Just wait I don't know what to say" And then hasn't told me anything else. She never met Ben, only heard about him. I don't know why but this has upset me, maybe it's because I thought she'd be happy for me? Ughh what's wrong with everything? As soon as I'm happy about something life goes "Fuck that" And kicks me down again


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  • He's your ex for a reason, girl. There's really no problem here. If she's really your friend, she probably would have been perfectly happy for you and that's it, so maybe you should stop hanging around your "friend."

    The guy asked you out, and you are happy. So stay happy.

    • I dumped him for the guy I have a crush on. Sorry, from up there does it seem like I'm saying I don't want him to be my ex?

      Yeah! :D You're right.

    • I was basically saying that your EX has nothing to do with it, because for whatever reason, he's your EX. So forget about him and be happy that you've got your new guy :D

    • Thanks! Haha you're completely right.


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  • So the guy you liked asked you out - great.
    Your ex and friend is causing problems? You can just ignore that part.

    • Yeah... You're right! Thanks :D

  • Until you find out what is going on, don't get too upset yet...

    • Yeah... It's not that she might be going out with him (Another answer implied that might be the case) Because if she wants to she really can. I don't have feelings for him. I'm just confused what she means

  • I'm not sure where the problem is here. It seems like your friend just likes stirring the pot. I'd suggest just dropping it as this whole situation doesn't have a negative affect of this guy asking you out.

    • Yeah, I guess you're right...

  • Your ex contacted your friend, for help in getting you back, & your friend likes the guy who just asked you out...
    There's a button on phones called OFF... you may want to try it out for an hour or so.

    • Yep. done that haha. She hasn't met either of them though

    • Still odd your friend mentions your ex would be calling. Curious, of course, but that screams the beginnings of nothing good.
      Just focus on the guy you like. & congrats on ya good luck :-)

    • Haha yeah you're right. Thanks again

  • Chill out and grow up. He's your fucking ex. Don't go doing that thing where you regain your feelings for your ex because he started talking to your friend.

    • Noooo nooo it's not that

    • He hasn't messaged her, that's the weird part

  • Life is a bitch, and then you die. Get on with it

    • Get on with dying?

    • Its gonna happen sometime. But i meant get on with that life is a bitch, and just fucking enjoy your time here

    • Ah, I see. Fair enough. I guess I'll just not talk to them.

  • First world problems


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