I can't get over my high school crush?

We only hung out twice but I love his aura, his demeanor and personality. I feel like his type for me is hard to come by... He knows that I like him, but I guess he doesn't like me back because he hasn't texted since we last hung out and it's been 2 years since we hung out. I try to convince myself it will never work but I just really miss him and it's been almost 3 years since we graduated. I feel ridiculous because it's been about 6 years that I have liked him altogether. I honestly feel like I will never get over him, nor do I want to :(


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  • Why don't you see other people? When I can't get over a crush I meet other girls.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well you could try and contact him but if That is not an option.. then you have to move on and try and see other people to distract yourself you might find even better guy you never know