He didn't text me tonight?

This guy I was seeing for 6 months every weekend contacted me over the break quite a few times. We stopped talking to each other randomly for a few months. We weren't serious but we'd hang out and hook up every week like friends with benefits I guess.

He told me he really missed the good times we had and hoped I still remembered him. I've been on vacation and he wants to see me Sunday night (tomorrow). He asked to make plans a few nights ago and to take me to the movies and if he can use the sex coupons I have him for his birthday over the summer... I told him to text me Sat night so we can figure out the movie times.

But he hasn't texted me tonight.. Is he not interested? What if he texts me tomorrow, should I just play hard to get and cancel it?


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  • Just ask him why he didn't text you tonight. And make the plans as you would. Then when you see him in person just say that you appreciate him respecting your time. Finally have fun.


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  • you can speak with him.. and act like how you feel better..

  • it would be hard to guess the reason he's not responding. But playing hard to get could be fun to mess with him. ur call


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