Does he not find me attractive?

I met this guy online (Tinder). We chat every day, we share the same interests, and I feel really comfortable talking with him. We agreed to meet next week, before he goes on vacations. The thing is that, he did tell me that he is enjoying talking with me, and even said that he is only chating with me, that he is really happy that we end up talking, but he never compliment me about the way I look. Even that now we are Facebook friends and he saw my pictures. I'm not needy, I don't need to be complimented all the time, but, I believe that fisic attraction is also an important ingredient. Am I overreacting? Maybe he is waiting to meet me, before saying anything?
PS: He is a fitness maniac, so he has a really hot bod. But me, I'm just a regular girl, not fat, but not super fit like him.


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  • yeah it seems he is waiting till he meets you
    pics can be deceiving lol

    • yeah, that is also true. But still, when I saw his pictures, I end up feeling pity about my self

    • hey hey
      if you doubt yourself then the world will doubt you
      trust me, u look amazing. He is just being cautious or maybe he is not a biggy on compliments

    • thanks! :) but still, I'm gonna be nervous till next week


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  • He swiped right on your pic. So he probably thinks you're cute. ask him too workout out with him

  • buy a legging and you're good
    he can't resist u then ;p

  • You're from Argentina, probably muy caliente


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