Why guys don't admit that they cheated?

Even when he's already caught and even when it's already obvious that he cheated, why do guys never admit that they cheated? I want to know the reason. Is it because they think they can get away with it? Are they planning to cheat again? Do you believe in the saying "Once a cheater, always a cheater"? How can you say that a guy is really sincere that he will never cheat again? Should a girl give him another chance?

Guys, I need your complete honesty. Thanks.


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  • Let me say this: cheating is wrong ! No excuse. Guys don't say they cheated just like girls don't say they cheated... can't generalize but that means bad person or not for u.


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  • Wow... that is a lot of questions.. but that first line reminds of the infamous "Its not what it looks like" Im yet to use that lol
    First off, lets end the generalization, some guys do, but most don't. why? because we know that girls see black and white. A guy could have been with a girl for 5 years and slips once, and she just dumps him without working anything out. thats 5 years down the drain. its easier to try to get away. (and guys do like easy lol)

    Are they planning to cheat again? Probably not, at first. I've found out that in many (not all) relationships where there is a cheating partner, its usually the Other person that is the reason. its about a 90-10 ratio, the 10 being the fact that the cheater CHOSE to cheat. but they were driven to it by 90. its just a lack of communication and compromise really if you narrow it down. one person talks, the other doesn't listen or compromise, first person goes elsewhere. simple.

    How can you say a guy won't cheat again? simple, you can't. if you want clarification, go back to the planning bit. other than that, EVERY woman has the power to ensure they aren't cheated on or he never cheats again... many CHOOSE not to use it.
    Should he get another chance? let me rephrase that, if you slipped up, would you like another chance?
    Also, it depends on the situation really, if he/she got drunk and had a one night stand, and he/she has a clean record, sure, why not a second chance, now if he/she got drunk and had a one night stand 36 times, there's no helping that lol... thats a done deal.

    Cheating is a touchy subject an everyone sees it differently... some people (like me) see it from a very lax and flexible angle, some people are "stick up the ass" strict on it. I don't know which side is right or wrong, everyone is definitely entitled to an opinion. All i know is that the strict people, tend to have a lot of break ups.

    • that has to be the Longest opinion I've ever given. Kudos lol

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    • I loved him the best way I could. The problem is he never mentioned to me anything. If there was missing, if he wanted me to do something. He just cheated without me knowing the reason why. So, should I still get the blame for that? All I know is that a guy like him is a jerk. He never tried to communicate, was I suppose to guess what's wrong in our relationship? I just wanted to know why he never admitted to me that he cheated and he never told me what the problem is. I shouldn't be mad at you. You were just trying to help. Sorry.

    • I don't think you are mad at me, i understand its transference, i just let it fly over my head.. hopefully it will hit the real culprit lol
      Remember how I said it depends? he broke the first rule, he didn't communicate, and failing to do that, automatically makes HIM the problem and he's a jerk for that. thats not fair, no fighting chance.
      (or maybe he did in some way but you unconsciously ignored it? i don't know)

  • Why did Bill Clinton claim to not have sexual relations with that woman?

    Admitting cheating brings a shitstorm of drama on a guy's plate. Not every guy has appetite for a shitstorm.
    Only those who can handle the shitstorm will admit.

  • Because they are assholes.

  • Lsn I've never cheated & never will but those guys who cheats u can't trust them y ill tell u y , I'm a guy caught some of my friends cheating on them gfs & they don't care y cuz they are sick... If u can't handle ur self by keeping that relationship going on that means u can't keep a secret for ur friend too... & 100% sure not all of the guys as u think cheats on the girls

    • really? secrets was the comparison? i think she should be more worried about the guy that CAN keep a secret lol

  • i don't have a gf but if i had i'd not hesitate to admit it.

  • What are you going to do about it? The fact is you are still willing to have a relationship with someone you don't trust. It's a hallow relationship that means nothing, so what is to stop anyone from going outside the fake candy shell to taste some other candy?


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  • My ex friends with benefits physio chap got a solivitor to write me a letter to prove that I was an infatuated over him.
    I just sent every text he had ever sent me. You should maybe ask him why he lies through his teeth!