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So me and my boyfriend been together for 3 months... But he has a baby's mother, their son is 4. They were in a relationship for 6 years and has not been together for 1 year. I don't mind them texting but ONLY if it's about their son. He said he's gonna be honesty with me when she tries to talk about other stuff. He says she would text him about stuff concerning the son... But then she start talking about all kinda other stuff tryna get back with him, have sex with him, and all kind of other stuff... Also he said that she always worrying about me like stalking my ig, stalking his ig, and she's always trying to see what we are doing.. But any ways now she pregnant again but for her new boyfriend. She just recently texted him asking asking can she have sex with him. I don't like it at all 😒... But I have been ignoring it... My boyfriend says he love me and isn't going at to her... How should I handle the situation?


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  • Block her on any social websites, or put your stuff private. And if he is being honest don't worry about it.


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  • Sister... talk to him clearly, sweetly but firmly about how you feel about this. Tell him what you like and don't like. Give it some time. Frankly you deserve to be in a better relationship which doesn't have SO many complications.
    Talk. Be honest with him and with your own feelings.
    Wish you luck.

  • There fucking and you will always be thinking that. Is she hot with a nice body. If there not fight there fucking. Good luck sharing your man. Hope it works out

    • I have a nice body & I've never seen her before. I've only saw their son.

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