If a guy says it would be fun to get coffee again but doesn't seem that excited about it, is it worth pursuing?

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1. Both 25 years old. Met online. Met for coffee. Good conversation. Fun time. I had to leave for some other plans afterwards, and he didn't seem in a hurry to go or eager to leave even an hour into it. He didn't say much though as we were leaving.

2. I followed up with an online message to hangout again. He said "that would be fun" but didn't offer to plan or move the conversation further with details.

3. I told him we should hangout in the next couple of weeks and told him to text me when he's free and gave him my number. (it's been a few hours, but no response)

4. Is he really that interested, or are these all signs that he's just being polite/friendly (afraid to hurt my feelings) or maybe just bored and keeping his options open with little to no hurry.

Should I pursue this or take it as a hint that he's just not that into me? What are other explanations for his lack of excitement or interest in following through or moving ahead?


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  • Hey now, he could just be trying to play it cool. Pursue to a second date at least.. see now if at that point he decides not to meet or just doesn't show up then you know he ain't in the swing with your thing. Just be all chillax and roll with it whatever happens.


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  • words over attitude


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  • He might not have wanted to come out and pick an exact time at first, may have been nervous it made him seem to desperate. And a few hours? Not everyone is attached to the hip with their phone, he may not have gotten your message yet. I wouldn't worry about it.