Girlfriend gets annoyed when I ask for nudes?

Maybe it was kind of rude. I said stop talking sending me a nude lol. We've been together like a year maybe she's just over that stuff? We are long distance so I want em bow more than ever. She seems annoyed every time I ask.


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  • Reducing her to sexual imagery, and in an age where any sent picture is at a danger of being made public - I don't blame her. Not only does she not sound comfortable with it, which is the precise moment that you should STOP; you sound blinded and focused on them ("every time I ask"), and are disregarding her words and stance on this. That is not a good boding for any relationship.

    Step back from the requests, Anonymous; the more insistence made, the worse this will become. It is never good to introduce pressure into a relationship. It isn't that she's "just over that stuff," it is that it has become a chore and she has become an object.


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  • It seems as if you only want sex from her or her nudes that's why... Us girls don't like that stuff to be honest

  • Maybe you should respect her more and be moreof a gentleman about it. That makes you sound like a jerk. Word it differently.

  • Why not trying to make her feel a little more desired? Stop talking and send me a nude means I have no interest in what you are saying I just want to see your titties. C'mon, you aren't that stupid that you can't see why she wouldn't be chomping at the bit to get her puppies out for you.

    Send her a detailed, high definition close up of your butt hole. Maybe that will get her in the mood...

    ... Or your face. I'm sure the two are quite similar.


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  • A relationship shouldn't be centralized around sexual activities. She's likely worried that you are being too focused on the sexual aspect of your relationship, and are just using her for her looks. Just hold up a bit on the nudes and focus more on the emotional importance of your relationship.

  • "Stop talking sending me a nude"
    no wonder she was annoyed.

  • You were pretty mean in how you asked.

    But you suggest this is an ongoing thing, not a one off.

    If she's not putting effort into maintaining a physical connection as well as possible long distance...

  • What did she say when you asked?