Whats a good way to try and stay in touch with this girl when she's away at college?

I meet this younger girl from my hometown and she's away at college now , had talked to her a couple times during holiday break at local bar and she seemed genuinely interested but now that she's back there not sure how to keep the momentum going she 's only an hour away so its not like she's moved far away. since I've known her at one time or another tried to text her , Facebook her and Twitter. however at time texting and Facebook didn't seem to go over well , although was a while ago and we seem to get along better now and Twitter was a more recent add but haven't really tried to send her anything on there


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  • give her a call


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  • I would say meet her half way. She drives half way and you drive half way and meet somewhere in the middle or somewhere you never been to and just walk around have fun enjoy yourself

    • might be a neat idea for later on as she gets more comfortable with me , at this point it might be easier to get her to do things close to where we live now or near her college

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  • If you have here number try texting her or snapchat

    • I don't have snapchat or know if she'd use that

    • Ask her, and maybe meet with each other halfway sometimes