Girls, what would you think about a guy who approached and did horribly and then was upfront and honest with you about being bad at approaching girls?

Girls, sometimes my approaches just go horribly bad and sometimes I end up asking a bunch of dumb boring questions that I can see are so painful for the poor girl. haha. It's just that if the girl is pretty cute, then I usually blankout and resort to asking stupid questions instead of just being relaxed and sounding more normal. So girls, what would you think about a guy if he was upfront with you about being horrible at approaching girls and saying what his intentions are. I mean really I'd like to get her number and just get to know her better and see what kind of a connection we have. (That's the whole point in my approaching her) I tend to like to text her for a week or two and just give us both a chance to see who we both are before going on a date. I find it helps with the actual date when it comes to actually talking about things. Girls what do you think?


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  • I would think he is honest


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  • I find it more attractive when a guy approaches me being completely genuine, and not asking phony filler questions. Make small talk but be upfront with your intentions (unless it's sex then that may not be the best approach) tehe

    • You know it just came to me that when I'm failing miserably in an approach and I'm just acting like everything is normal that I end up looking like a total loser. haha. I bet if I did this in the past with some girls where I could tell the girl was kind of into me that I might have gotten a date.

    • Ha Exactly! You pretending that everything is totally normal makes it look like you have no conversation skills. If anything, do your weird question then say "ahh I don't know what I'm doing right now. You're so beautiful I just didn't know what to say" then introduce yourself. The rest is pretty much history. In fact, if that doesn't work I will be shocked!

    • lol. This is brilliant. So basically I just have to be my normal nice honest self :)

  • I think it's cute and I would give him a chance.

  • I wouldn't judge. I'd give him a chance.


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