GIrls, do you always feel like you settled when you're dating someone?

It seems like girls usually feel like they're above guys in the social hierarchy, like they're the prizes and guys are the paupers hoping to win them. It seems like my female friends believe that most guys aren't up to their standards. That, and every guy who dates one of them or one of their friends is "lucky" to be with her. This gives the impression that girls believe they usually settle for a guy in dating. Is this how y'all really feel?


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  • Your "friends" sound weird.

    I'd never date someone I'm not 100% happy with. Otherwise I'm wasting my time.

    • As far as my friends being weird, I think it's a pretty common sentiment among girls.

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    • Same can be said about guys. I see them also focusing on the same hot girls all the time.

    • Some do, but guys tend to be more realistic because we know that if we hold out for supermodels, we'll never get sex! More than that, a lot of guys get to college never really having had gfs, so we're eager to finally jump in and experience relationships with girls for the first time. Girls seems a lot less eager to be in relationships. They want to be in relationships, mind you, but only if it's with a guy who meets all criteria on their lists.


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  • Your friend doesn't sound very nice, i've only dated guys that i've truly loved, i don't settle for anyone.


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  • A lot of girls do settle for guys. What happens is they'll spend their twenties having more pricks than a second hand dart board, when they enter their thirties and everything starts sagging, their looks start to fade and they struggle to compete with younger women in their early twenties then they settle down with those Steady Eddie's who offer them a financial safety net to cling on to. I mean what's a woman without the latest fashion accessory from Prada?