What to get my boyfriend for the third time?

So we have only been dating 4 months. We just did Christmas I got him some clothes and a keepsake box with our stuff in it. I dont have a ton of money but I saved to get that. Now his greek name day is this week and his birthday is next week. I have to get him something for both. I think I will make him a cake and get him a card for his name day. However, I am broke and can't think of anything for his birthday. This is a lot of presents back to back and it will be like this forever. It be one thing if I had money or If i knew of things he needs. But he has everything, he has money. I feel bad that I can't do something awesome for him. Help any bday gifts that would be cool?


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  • If you're having sex buy a ribbon and tie that around yourself.

    • we are not having sex. sorry

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    • Oh. Well then blow him or something?

    • okay we dont do anything but kiss. So yeah... it will have to be a material item sorry


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  • What's a Greek name day? I wouldn't worry about it too much. Bake him cupcakes or something if you must.


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  • I don't think you should have to get him something for all three. Most guys would not like that. But I mean a homemade card, food, a bag of his favorite candy, a collage of pictures of y'all, small gestures are fine, especially if you already got him decent stuff.

    • The greek name day is kinda big deal. But i think I can get away with a card or something small. However his birthday has to be something. I already did a collage of us and clothes and I will do candy or something sweet for his name day but now I have to do his bday.