Girls would you be pissed?

This guy at school was trying to hurt you over a rumor. He then one day threw a rock at your car and made a fat ding on it. Your bf who goes to another school heard about this and came to your school the next day. He saw that punk with his friends and confronted him. He asked if it was true he tried hurting you/ threw a rock at your car? The punk smirked and said "yeahh..". Your bf quickly hit him with a two piece to the face and the fight begun. Seconds into the fight your bf tripped on a stop sign pole and fell on his back. As your bf was getting back up he was nailed in the eye (instant black eye). Your bf still kept fighitng until the cops came to stop it. Now the whole school is laughing at you because of your bf black eye.

How would you feel about your bf now? would you look at him any less/ think he's a loser


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  • this entire universe is a mockery if you ask me , i am not surprised to see a crowd laughing at a girl (at me ) and i never cared about what some ridiculous school students thought of me ( first art students rule never gave a care about what others think of your art , why? because its your art and you are the only one who can tell whats right and whats wrong when comes to your own creation ) i would rather stick by now being with "my bf " ( i wish ) rather than just standing there in the center attention of mockery , and as for me no i won't get pissed off i would rather be greater for at least someone who stood up for me , hope this helps.


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  • No I wouldn't. I would admire him for standing up for me but I would wish he hadn't gotten himself hurt... Not because of the school poking fun but because I wouldn't like him getting hurt on my account.

  • NO WAY!!! I'd be by his side... why would I look at him as a loser... when he just defended me ! That's ridiculous. I'd love him even more after that :)

  • I would feel appreciated for that. And I don't care about other people. I would love him even more.


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