Girls, what would be your response to a guy friend liking you, while you are already in a relationship?

I like someone, the problem is they are in a relationship. I want to continue being friends with the person but I can't help but like them more than that. I don't want to be honest with my feeling in fear they will just drop the friendship and be done with it. So girls, how would you react to this if you found out?


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  • Honestly I would rather be told and have a conversation to clear the air. There may be some feelings she would like to discuss..
    Also, you don't want it to get the point where she guesses you like her as it may be awkward..
    Always best to go with the truth. Sit her down privately and have a deep conversation with her about everything g you're feeling


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  • i would rather be loyal to the person who im in relationship with despite having a friend who has a crush on , about your situation you should space out a bit come on do you really want to be the person that ruins relationship between couples for a selfish desire? just being honest good luck with that.

  • I never have a problem with stuff like this. I just accept how they feel and keep it in mind in case I wind up single in the future and decide I want to give it a try. I always end up dating guys I'm already friends with, though.


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