At what point is it expected for the girl to make date plans?

Just wondering after how many dates is a girl expected to initiate contact with the guy and ask him out. I've been out with this guy approx 6 times and have yet to initiate anything other than a few texts. I show my interest on the date and by responding to his advances. I'm worried if I don't ask him out soon he will lose interest. Is it expected of me to ask him out this early? Will he lose interest if I don't?


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  • It'd be nice in my view if the girl started asking the guy fairly early on, say after just a few dates, but I if she didn't I would still keep asking her out for a far while. I would probably ask her about it eventually to see if she was as interested as I am or just passively agreeing to see me - I wouldn't just lose interest, especially if she kept seeing me when I asked.

    I guess some guys might feel differently about it, but I don't there would be any harm in you asking him on a date now if you've got an idea.


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  • About 15 months.

  • I've seen this a while ago. had to google the formula and everything, so i dont give you any wrong info.
    add all the minutes from all the dates, multiply with the total amount of messages exchanged between you too, now subtract that with both your ages combined. thats, in hours, how long you should wait!
    i mean common... if after 6 dates, you still wouldn't even initiate a convo with me, i would think you have 0 interest!

    • No I have in the past since then. I just haven't heard from him in almost three days since our last date and I'm wondering if he's waiting for me to get in touch?

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  • she can make them when ever she wants too? from the beginning just like the guy could. dont see it in direct with or black.