How do two homebodies date?

I've just started dating a man the that I really like. The only problem is that he's a homebody like I am. Neither one of us likes to leave the house a lot. Because of that it's a little hard to plan dates. I have to force myself to go and he's planing them a week in advance. That's a good thing for me because it gives me time to warm up to the idea of going.

I know this sounds strange but I do really like this guy and he likes me as well. We talk everyday. When we did actually see each other we spent HOURS together.

What are some fun things that 2 shut-in can do without looking lazy or making the other feel uninterested?


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  • Nothing wrong with being a homebody; however, going out to a movie, dinner or concert every now and then won't hurt. Going out once in a while will actually enhance the relationship. A night in is just as good. Rent a movie, cook a meal together or order a pizza.

    Overall, a night out now and then won't hurt, as long as you two enjoy yourselves.


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  • I think you two should definitely practice going out more. Otherwise the relationship can and will get very stale. Plus going out and doing things together solidifies the bond you two are making even more. You get to see each other in different settings and really learn about the person how they think and handle situations. You can't learn all that being shut-ins.

  • Movies, cooking together, games, etc...