I'm really confused about this girl need help?

Basicly I have liked this girl for2 years now. I asked her out two times and she said I don't think of you in that way at all we are just frfreinds. But the thing is is she has given off a lot of hints she likes me flirting, hanging out with me all day and texting all day and staring at me and laughing at my stupI'd jokes. Anyways I basicly gave up in her two weeks ago and I told her that I was going out with someone (just to see her reaction) she said I don't care and for the past few weeks she has been giving me dirty looks and everytime I pass her she looks away from me... I still have feelings for her I really do but I'm just so tired of chasing her and I don't know if she likes me or not. by the way she is kinda of shy and a lot of guys like her. All I am asking is what do you think should I chase her should I talk to he, r is she playing hard to get, what do I do? Oh and sorry about punctuation and crap this is on my tablet.

Yeah she never actully went out with a guy so I don't know all Mt freinds think she is playing hard to get but I don't know
I think I'm done with her I have been thinking about it and I just can't spend my whole life on this one girl. Sure she is amazing, beautiful, and has an amazing personality. But I have to move on. I think she is playing hard to get and I have to stop chasing her. It's been hard to stop from really talking to her (all day school text etc) mainly because she keeps saying hi or staring at me I know I might be being a dick... I know that but that's the only way iLloyd stop liking her. Thanks again.


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  • You were friend zoned a long time ago and didn't take a hint. I just had this conversation but with a girl.. ugh. if you take her being comfortable around you as her liking you, she'll remind you, which she did. It happens the other way too. I've had to remind a few girls. All I can say is get your comfort on, she likes you enough to be comfortable around you and trust you, just take the win.


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  • maybe she's playing hard to get. or maybe she doesn't know how react. maybe this is the first time anything like this is happening to her. maybe she doesn't know how she feels


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  • You know who else can hang out all day and text you all day and laugh at your stupid jokes all day? Your best guy friend.

    Really, maybe she doesn't know how to do this, she's inexperienced, maybe she's not "allowed" by her parents. Really, you should talk to her about it if you do see each other this much. And no, not over text.