What do you do when a person cheats on you? , that you really love and want to be with?

Just a question In general how would y'all react , someone you really love and you caught him/her flirting around with other people.

  • Stay and forgive him/her
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  • I said this many times, leave. No contact at all, just cut him out of your life for ever. If he cheated he never loved you that much. Which means he will do it again and again, specially once he learns your cool with it and that your gonna forgive him.

    • oi oi oi oi oi... you make it seem like only guys cheat...

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    • Just calling you out according to what it sounded like. Im kinda tired of the Macho-gyny (a word i just made up that means where women just blame men for basically everything)
      so getting blamed by another man... well... you see it don't you?

    • yea, i see what your saying. but my comment was to HER so that's how it came out.


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  • I've been cheated on before.. and i admit, it burns. but i knew i wasn't perfect so i compensated for their imperfection as well. I did investigate why though, turns out it was some crush she had that was out of town for a while but came back. I forgave it the first time, the second time, I politely said bye and good luck. I believe in second chances, not thirds.
    How did i know she was cheating, he tried rubbing it in my face. We were teens. Now I look back and laugh at it all.

  • If I don't like the explanation or I think the apology is insincere then it's over. Actual cheating means it's definitely over. I fall in love with people who don't do that shit, but I got it wrong once.. in my view she wasn't the person I was in love with, by cheating she'd become someone else, so she could fuck right off! It hurt a bit, but what I felt was more anger than anything else. I don't forgive anyone betrayal!


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  • I stop loving them.

  • It depends on the situation for me... I guess.