After a relationship is older. What are some of the things you and your partner talk about?

As a relationship gets older there is less exploratory conversations so after that phase is over what do you talk about? especially if you don't live together or if he travels a lot and just wants to hear you voice.


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  • Sometimes you'll run out of things to talk about, and you'll feel a little anxious, but you'll come to realize that it's OK - you don't need to have something to hold the other person's attention, because simply being with them is what you really want, and it's what they want from you.


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  • There is never an end to the things to explore.

    • I guess I mean more of the getting to know you convos. Like what things you like etc. But I guess you are right there never an end.

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  • As @Error_204 said there is no end the exploratory questions. There will always be things you never realized or knew about your partner. Also just talking about your day can get pretty detailed if you actually want it to be.