Is he nervous or a just a dick?

This guy and I met a while back but only had a short time to get to know each other before he left for school and we agreed to keep in touch. Well out of the 3 times he's come back (3 day weekends mostly) he contacts me first, yet never follows through.

okay so he's back for winter break but I'm across the world on vacation. He texts me randomly all flirty and says "let's hang out when you get back!" I was surprised because he hadn't been this forward in a while. I told him what day would work for me, he said sounds good, and I told him I'd let him know when I'm back. The night I got home I texted him asking him if the plans were still good, he said "yeah sure, don't know what time though, I have no plans." I thought it was kind of weird so I said "afternoon?" No response that night or the whole next day. So he has the balls to ask me out when I'm half way across the world but when I'm a block away (we live in the same neighborhood) he suddenly disappears? He is shy and I don't think he's ever had a real girlfriend but still when we first met he wasn't this socially inept. Half my guy friends think he's just a dick and half of my guy friends say he might just be nervous since its been so long since we've seen each other.

I also confronted him, asking him to be straightforward with me and got no response. You'd think he'd at least explain saying "you're right I don't like you like that anymore" (even though he asked to hangout!) or "no I'm sorry" and explain. I would totally understand if he lost interest, but he contacted me out of the blue, and he also had been liking all my pictures the day before I came home.

Also, he's done this many a time where we make plans to hangout and when it gets closer to the time we're supposed hangout he suddenly dissapears. Can you explain this behavior at all? He never made a move either when we used to hangout but would text me saying "I wish I had kissed you" or stuff like that yet the next time we'd hangout he never tried anything.


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  • he is such a dickhead!!!


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  • If he says he doesn't know what time, he is not worth your effort. The man should take the initiative and provide you with a direct time and place. Don't offer a time or it will appear desperate. You need to appear less interested in him, which is why it always helps to talk to more than 1 person of interest at a time, because you will have less worries about one person specifically, even if you prefer them over the others.

    • Yeah it's so weird the only reason I put up with it is because he was like the perfect guy when we first met, and after that it all went down hill. But I deleted his number, and until he explains to me im not going to give him the time of day

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  • He's nervous and shy