Why did he cheat? please help?

hello! um i have a bit of a situation. this guy and i have been dating for a long while (4 months) unofficially, but what he did was still kind of awful. On new years eve he told me that he had issues, no one can help him, he's depressed, he'd just bring me down, i deserved better, etc. i was understanding and said you matter first, I'm sorry you're going through this, don't even worry about leaving me, etc. about 10 minutes later mt friend texts me and says he was kissing another girl a couple weeks ago. rumor also said he was driving another girl around one night, we were together one night and i saw him texting another random girl that I've never heard him talk about. what would make him want to cheat? i was told i was an amazing girlfriend by my friends who saw the way i treated him. i wasn't easy, but not a nun either? any advice on whats running through him? why would he cheat? thank u!


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  • 10 minutes after you spoke with him, your friend chimes in saying he supposedly kissed another girl. Was she at a party with you, seeing him talking with you? Or did she text you?

    And then the other "case" is just a rumor. Plus to top it all off, you weren't even dating it seems like, since you felt the need to state it was unofficial.

    I mean he kinda took the sleazy way out of seeing you by pulling all that issues crap, but really things weren't as serious to him as they were for you. So this is the reason as to why he cheated, if he ever even did since you don't have conclusive evidence.


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  • He's cheating because he's an arrogant asshole that knows no loyalty. Dump this asshole and find someone else. Not every guy cheats. A lot do but there are some that dont

  • First of all, 4 months is not a long time. IMHO, there's no reason to put up with that kind of shit. I've been in your position before. Don't ask why because it doesn't matter why, all that matters is that it happened. The best thing to do is move on.

  • The only reason to cheat is because the person cheating is a terrible person.


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