Should I end my relationship?

My boyfriend and I are both seniors in high school, and going to separate colleges. I want to be able to date in college. And frankly he just really annoys me now and quite often I cannot stand him. But we've been dating since freshman year and he was my best friend before that. I can't imagine not having him in my life because he's been there through it all. Whenever I tell him I'm just not that invested in the relationship anymore he does nothing to fix it. But whenever I try to relieve myself of this and try to end it he gets very upset and even cries and that just upsets me more and makes me give in because I cannot handle seeing him hurt..


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  • You're in a tough situation and you seem unsure about what you want. Try to do this, see the past and compare it with the present. Identify the things you felt and the ones you feel now, see your relationship the way it was and the way it is now. Study it. Then you can discover what you want and if it pays to continue it or not. Also consider this: if this relationship continues, is it going anywhere?


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  • Well he's not going to speak to you if you break up with him. And if you don't then you are not trully going to be happy. So your going to have to choose between dating other guys or your boyfriend. Me personally I believe that a relationship should not be based on petty it should be based on comfort and understanding. If you stay with someone who you lost interest in your being selfish with your own needs.


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  • Yeah you are trying to be nice.
    But, he is exercising controls over you.
    Tell him how you care for him, but want space.
    Be firm.
    The tears thing are more one of our last resorts that he has picked up on.
    He'll be fine and probably find someone else anyway.

  • It sounds like you are tired of him and you want to gold on to the "new college" thing to end things. here's the thing though if he's been through it all with you why would you end it? I suggest you two work it out and stay together. :)