What kind of girlfriend does a man honestly want in his life?

What type of girl does a guy really like? I mean good looks is a bonus right? What if your gf was model material on the outside but super bitch on the inside? I'm curious to know the qualities a guy looks for in a girl... This should be interesting.


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  • For me, aside from being sweet and similar
    traits, I like a girl who can challenge me in/enjoy
    some of the same activities I do.

    One of my favorite traits in girls (most girls does this)
    is that giggly/kiddish way they get over the smallest things
    like finding a pretty shell/stone on the beach, and they get
    all happy about it. ^.^

    All in all, I like a girl who's able to make
    my heart race with the way she acts normaly
    when not trying, as you said, looking good is
    a bonus. ^.~


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  • a gf who would acept all my hobies, fetishes and live separately. i want to have my space.

    but hey, which girl would accept that huh? that's why there's no need about loooking for a girl.

  • honesty and a good heart are end game here. but the beginning is the trickiest.

  • I like the cute, shy, lovey dovy, cuddly types that look like this. encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images


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  • my boyfriend always said he just loves a girl who's cute, funny, easy to get along with and fun to hang out with, and who doesn't take life too seriously :) i think at the end of the day, personality is everything to a guy, more than looks, as long as she can still look cute haha.