Will my personality ever attract someone?

Although I consider myself kind of intelligent, I consider myself an introvert. I'm not the confident lion everyone loves (I have a baseline level of confidence), I'm not the most talkative person ever, I'm kind of quiet (this doesn't mean that I don't talk), I'm a guy with multiple interests, I love to silently think about something (or everything), and if you wanna talk about something with me, I will probably talk about it too.

But no girls has ever been interested in me. All the girls I've ever talked to prefer the extroverts, the life of the party, the guys who exhude confidence and positivity. I'm not one of these guys, and I'm automatically labeled "boring and uninteresting" if I don't behave like them. It's like they want me to change completely. I won't do it, but I also don't want to die alone, because the ones who actually enjoy my company almost don't exist...


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  • This question really caught my eye. And the answer is: YES. I have met loads of guys who were alright looking and when their personalities shone through i thought they became REALLY like REALLY good looking. Remember that not all girls like confident boys, and even less girls like JUST confident boys. Personally, i like different types of guys. He could be confident, but i also find shy guys really cute. In the beginning of course. Because the thing with shy guys is that they start off as cute then they become sexy really quickly. Thats what i find anyway. I am quite shy myself and i guess i have a double personality, like i can be quite confident and out going but at times i just really want to keep to myself and stay quiet in my little corner. Of course its okay if somebody wants to talk to me but i will be completely confortable staying in silence. For example, im going on a school trip and im in the coach with all my friends, on theway there i could be really talkative but on the way back just keep to myself and think while lookingout a window. Not because im sad or tired, its because i enjoy it. I enjoy talking and thinkingto myself equally i guess, something along those lines. ANYWAYS my answer is yes. Being shy is definetly not unnatractive! I dont think they're boring and uninteresting and dont change yourself! Thats the most important thing. You can adapt yourself to become a better person but that is something different. Ro be completely honest with you, by the sounds of it it seems like i would enjoy your company as we seem quite similar. But if you want to improve your confidence a bit and give it a boost, i think you should talk to girls online. Then you can have however much time you want to think about your answer as you begin to feel confortable roubd someone. I remember my sister used to be really shy and she strated shaking when she was talking to a guy online for the fist time. Now she is fine and co pletely herself around guys. Try it! Good Luck!


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  • I have never dated anyone who was the 'life of the party' I tend to enjoy relationships with people who are similar to me and I am a big introvert. Just relax, I'm sure you will find someone who enjoys the same things you enjoy there's no need to over think it and start stressing yourself put about dying alone.


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  • Basically you have to change man that's what I am currently doing being extroverted because introverts finish last in the dating and sex world. Unless you luck out and find an introverted shy girl to be with but it will probably be awkward as fuck because they don't open up hardly at all socially or otherwise. I changed my style to dress to impress, started working out for one because I hate winter, secondly I don't do well with women and thirdly because I needed a confidence boost. Start going out more even if its to a library and talk to the staff or the other guys and girls there just get out there you won't meet anyone on the couch at home. If you don't want to be a 30 year old virgin living alone you need to change, that's what I am doing I figure I have at least a years worth of adjusting to do but I am going to make it man

  • No. You are full of excuses.