Text response five days later?

I met this guy at a party and he invited me to a group get together last weekend. It ended up being kinda mediocre- we had great texting convos prior to it, but in person it was a bit awkward. The next day we texted back and forth for a few messages and I sent the last text which didn't particularly need a response. He didn't respond and we have had no interaction since then... until today.. he texted me something related to the last text i sent? **5 days later**.

Im confused- did he think I wasn't interested but wants to strike up a convo again? Or should i just ignore this? He seems like a nice guy (not the player type).. but who knows..


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  • He might just be feeling you out. Trying to see how long you can go without talking to him, or vice versa. I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you like him enough, initiate a new conversation rather than waiting. It's kinda a game in the end you know?


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  • Rules are for fools, but that's more friends than potential relationship.

    Dates are supposed to be awkward until you're comfortable with each other.

  • Keep the convo going


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