How can we be friends after this?

So let me start by saying that both me and this guy are in high school and I met him last year. So we have a class together this year and he sits directly behind me. He flirted with me all the time and was really nice and funny and I ended up liking him. I found out that he liked me and while in q group conversation on kik (with him included) I accidentally said something about it. He read it and got angry and left the conversation. I apologized so much I'm pretty sure he thought I was really annoying and needy. So I layed off for a bit. Then I texted him basically saying, I like him and I don't know if he likes me but I just wanted him to know. I saw him at school yesterday and he tried to talk to me about twice but I got really nervous and walked away. So I texted him last night saying sorry for everything and he said its alright and I asked if we could start talking again and he said yeah. But today I saw him in class again (PE, our class alternates between pe and health) and he didn't even acknowledge me. He kept looking at me but never said anything. He was mad at my friend too before for telling me but he talked to her like he wasn't mad at all. I was so mad, still am. He paced back and forth near me and looked at me like he wanted to say something but got nervous. I texted him tonight, no response. What the heck? I want so badly to just be friends again. We got pretty close and I just screwed everything up. How do I fix this?


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  • He just doesn't know what's happening, just like you don't. So just take action and talk to him about it.


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  • he's doing that for payback & he's not texting u back cuz he probably doesn't know what to say or he wants u to wonder about him & think about why he's not texting u back! & just dont text him or talk to him at school.. he will most likely wonder about u too