For the ladies, what event (s) made you stop being attracted to and go for bad boys and jerks altogether? And how old were you?

Tell us a story or two. It would be better if you explain why you stop. Or explain why you never want to stop going for bad boys and jerks if you are one of those girls.

One more thing (In Uncle's voice), at what age you start going for good guys? No, not the ones who cry about not getting sex for being nice. And why?


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  • Honestly, I've never been actually gone for jerks. Sure, I've been attracted to them and their good for a short fling or a one night stand, but I honestly think that a special case rather than an actual rule. Most girls that actually want a relationship will go for a nice guy.

    I will say that girls will tend to go for more stable guys as they age and get ready to start settling down, but I assume that true with guys as well.


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  • A break up,,, when i was 17 i had a breakup a bad one with this guy i loved he was a bad boy and now that he left he's also a jerk and Im 18 now turning 19 soon, ughh Im never loving again, just going to study and get a job.


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  • Reality: Shit never happens. Men grow up instead.