Is it nuts to give up looking for a girl?

I've decided to focus on my career and building a future for myself (selfish!), and not bother to actively look for a girl. I don't know about others, but I think fate has a huge part to play in life and I just don't feel like luck is on my side. I'm in my late 20s, and everyone I know has settled down so while it may seem abnormal to be alone, I'm actually not bothered. But, the question is, should I be bothered? I mean, I am in my 20s right? But I feel like it's not meant to be so why waste my time/energy on it!

Any thoughts?

They're all very good answers everyone. Thank, now I wouldn't feel like a freak!


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  • If you're not bothered, more power to you. Focus on what matters most to you. Your goals.

    Be happy you're in a state of mind where you can freely think rationally and to the point. Dealing with girls and the anxiety of being alone can change all of that, as it consumes your mind.

    Build for tomorrow and take your time. If a suitable woman shows up in your life, its not like you can ignore her anyway. At least in my experience. Do what you can while you're in the zone.


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  • Don't be bothered. It's actually a good thing so you have a chance for a career and then a girlfriend which can lead to a future family. Gain stability financially first then date. It will be better in the end and plus YOU ARE STILL YOUNG LOL.


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  • Dude, I am at that exact crossroads. May I suggest the following: Focus on your career and building your future because it grows you, and it actually makes you more attractive in the long run for women. But keep in mind, time robs you of your youth, so also have fun. Live by the mantra, work hard and play hard. Try actually write your goals down, what you want to achieve and start doing some active time management. Then add spare time to pursue fun things like (hobbies, friends,... womem;). Also do gym... or exercise. Weight training keeps you looking younger. No jokes, I am 32 and people say I look 26. So in summary, life is not black n white, its not tat you work only and neglect the rest. You can have some of everything, just prioritize. I have a 9-5 job, I am trying to lead a band and do music in my spare time, I do gym and I have a long term partner. I can juggle all this because I have priorities and set goals. Like I need to do 3 songs in one month and add 3 clients at work. If I manage that, I am good.

  • I give up on life at 30!

  • Don't look for love, because it will always hide from you when you do. Just don't shut the door when love comes looking for you.

  • If you are not bothered then there is no problem. And you obviously should not be bothered by something just because that's what other people think or whatever.

    But your doubt indicate that you actually are somewhat bothered but wish you weren't.

    • I was bothered about whether I should be bothered about something I'm not bothered about